How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Other than a house and a car, engagement rings are one of the biggest investments that people can make in their lifetimes. This is why it’s important to get it right the first time when choosing and buying engagement rings; it should be on her finger for a lifetime. Although the most convenient way to pick out engagement rings is to have the bride-to-be there, this isn’t an option for many couples. Many people also feel it’s more romantic to have the precious stone ready to surprise her with.

The first step to picking out engagement rings is to pay attention. Try to get a feel for the precious stones she likes. While a diamonds engagement ring is traditional, there are many other options that she might actually prefer. Options such as black pearl, emerald or white gold rings are gaining some other nice options. It’s the metal and the precious stones that matter, and the wrong combination could leave her disappointed. The style of jewelry rings she wears is another indicator; try to see whether she prefers more contemporary or vintage looks.

A sure-fire way to tell what kind of engagement rings she’ll like is if she’s ever mentioned her favorite precious stones and jewelry styles, or pointed out engagement rings when you’re shopping together. If not, take her shopping. It isn’t difficult to steer yourselves towards the jewelry rings store. If you want to be subtle, say you’re looking for a new watch, but be sure to pause at the engagement rings.

Also try to think about what jewelry rings will look best on her hands. Elongated engagement rings, such as a marquise or oval, can make short fingers look sleeker, for example. Wide banded engagement rings usually make fingers appear even shorter than they are which she may not like. Women with long fingers can easily wear bold engagement rings. A delicate setting, on the other hand, could get lost on larger hands.

With the right engagement rings style in mind, it’s time to think about shape and cut. This is another area where it’s best to get an idea of what she likes, because there are different cuts for different tastes. See if you can get her friends to do some snooping; she may be disappointed if she gets a clustered diamonds engagement ring when she prefers solitaire diamond rings, for example.

Also consider her lifestyle and how jewelry rings may fit into that. Some women may work in a profession where an elaborate diamonds engagement ring would seem out of place. A precious stone with a pointed edge may also be harder to maintain and could snag on clothes if she lives a very active lifestyle.

Lastly, it’s imperative to know her ring size. This can be accomplished by borrowing some other jewelry rings (if she has any!) and taking them to a jewelry store. If there isn’t any to be found, it might be time to drop hints about engagement rings or have her friends do so.

Her friends are one of the most valuable assets when trying to pick out the right engagement rings with the right precious stone. They know her style and taste, and there’s a possibility she’s already mentioned the engagement rings she likes to them. Any help you can get should be taken advantage of, because this is one of the most important shopping trips a person can take.

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