How to reset a Seiko perpetual calendar and fit a new battery. Watch repair tutorials. 8F32

In this video I am showing how to correctly fit a new battery and reset the calendar on a Seiko Perpetual calendar watch. Applies to Cal. 4F32A, 8F32A, 8F33A, 8F35A the battery is a lithium 2412.

This video illustrates the correct way to remove the old battery without damaging the watch circuit board which is paper thin and easily damaged.

Also, it illustrates that you can easily break the coil and points out where the coil is on this watch movement.

It then goes on to illustrate how to reset the calendar information so that it retains it’s memory. This involves shorting certain contacts with the positive side of the battery in order to set the Leap Year, The month and the day.

Care must be taken when changing the battery on a seiko perpetual calendar as it is very easy to damage the paper thin circuit board – and the circuit is very costly to replace.

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