Identification of Cartier Watches

Is there a relatively simple way to identify fake watches it? There is a saying that good, “a fake is a fake, and camouflage should be

stripped.” Watch sham counterfeiting activities is always the “true features” and the flaws, this is not simply in the watch movement, as long

as the watch appearance from the careful observation and comparison, but also can see the.
This time we take only “Cartier” watch as an example. As you know, Cartier is a famous luxury Swiss watch brands, as well as aristocratic

demeanor, with Cartier watches and collapse LV handbag is certainly feeling the same, so it is in particular, is “a taste of life” and being

praised by the ladies .

Cartier watches CARTIER There are many series, the most famous is the “Tank”, from the size and shape to see, as well as the United

States, France, Britain divided tanks. Where a Cartier watch, which is characterized by Replica Cartier Watches of “blue steel” multiple, fake table are often

made light blue, while the actual truth table is dark blue.

The dial printing (including the sub-scale break, letters) are clear, black and, raised, and leave the table This is done well, many of them are

vague, dull and not raised. Cartier dial feature is the 7 o’clock position or 10 o’clock position, there is a very small oblique printed

“CARTIER” letters, it’s best to examine its printing a level.

Easier is to look at Cartier watches CARTIER rear cover, rear cover has lettering above, including the brand products, case, case materials,

models, production serial number. Truth table lettering is very clear, deep, strokes relatively “thin”, font smaller; and leave the table while

thick strokes, different shades, layout not pretty, logos blurred.

Then need to observe strap, strap to wear nail discount, discounts, surface finish, leave the table do not so good. For example, wearing nail

outcrop rough, not round there are traces of processing, discounts are not bright surface finish, shape and chamfer are not standardized,

there is a screw hole in the existence of glitches, these phenomena are fake Cartier watches CARTIER typical.

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