KS Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Gold Case Leather Elegant Men’s Wrist Watch KS104 Review

Ks105 Kronen Söhne Royal Carving Seri Kol Saati
men Luxury WATCHES kronen & söhne skeleton watch Ks105 unboxing

Designed by renowned German Watch Maker “Mr. Ludwig van der Waals”. He won numerous awards in many recognized creative design competitions around the world.
Precision Movement with the latest breakthrough “Kronen&Söhne” Patented Mechanical Technology.
High quality leather band.
Steel case.
Cal. KM02S03 mechanical movement inside.
Water resistant up to 3 ATM (Not suitable for swimming, diving, shower etc.).

“Kronen & Soehne” was founded in 1992 by a group of mechanical watchmakers in Germany. Beginning with a small workshop in an unknown alley, over the course of a few years its watches were praised for their elaborate art and craft and thus became more and more known. Gradually, the style and sophistication of the KS watch fascinated people in Germany, although they would sometimes struggle to afford one. Despite the increasing fame of the watch, the KS watchmakers remained consistent to their craft and chose to follow their heart and zealously pursue to perfect the mechanical watch.

With years of continuous development and experience, KS grew into a successful business and rapidly expanded to America, Asia, Australia and many other parts of the globe, exceeding its national borders. However in the following years, the widespread popularity of the Quartz watch had inevitably a significant impact on the production and sales of the mechanical watch, resulting in the decline of orders and idleness, driving the KS business into a crisis.

Still, the watchmakers in KS never changed the business to quartz watch but with strong enthusiasm and conviction remained true to the uniqueness of their skill and invested in research and development of the mechanical watch instead, firmly proving its everlasting and exquisite qualities.

KS Concept
The name “Kronen & Soehne” stands for “Crowns & Sons” in the German language. Essentially, it is a tale of valor because of the introduction of a brand new watch design concept and composing technology. The ultimate meaning of Crown and Son, is the heir apparent to the throne in a royal or imperial monarchy and the principal goal of KS is to produce watches that will remain timeless, durable and impeccable for generations and that is what “Soehne” (Sons) represents in the brand.

Our chief designer is characterized by avid admiration and a keen interest in watch making, especially the art and craft which the development of a watch entails. So KS has created a versatile and inspired series of timepieces in four collection lines: Royal Carving, Navigator, Imperial and Aviator.

The abiding philosophy of KS is to manufacture watches with an outstanding designing concept and idea. A KS watch is a mark of reputation, elegance, courage. Traits that are apparent in the high quality materials, the precision and the bold attempts and ideas which contribute to the fine lines and the smallest details. This is the reason that makes every KS watch a distinctive and excellent creation and why our customer as well as the watchmaker can only feel pride and fulfillment to behold one of our watches.

The Kronen & Soehne line of accessories andfine leather goods has expanded to includepocket watches, belts, leather accessories,and jewelry. The designs are chic and detailed and craftsmanship and quality is consistent in every piece. From your wrist to your waist, you’ll feel elegant and sophisticated wearing any Kronen & Soehne piece you choose.

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