Ladies Disco Fancy Dress

Dancing Queen Costume
This is a totally awesome disco outfit for you ladies. The halter neck cat suit just purrs with sexiness with a lovely swirl pattern and huge flared bottoms it’s sexy with a capital S. You’ll certainly be the queen of the dance floor in this dazzling disco outfit.

Disco Diva Costume
This 70s disco outfit just screams “DISCO” It’s circles silver design jumpsuit complete with pleated flares just stands head and shoulders above most disco outfits I’ve seen

70s Diva Costume
Slinky black cat suit with bell bottoms comes complete with silver belt and matching headband. One of our top 70s disco costumes and we think it’s totally stunning and not for the shrinking violet.

Disco Dancer Costume
The dance floor will be all yours when you step onto it wearing this wicked 70s Disco Dance costume. 

70s Groovy Costume
Whooa now this 70s costume has certainly got me hot under the collar. It’s actually a multi coloured dress with the sides cut out showing either side of the midriff and also has a low cut neckline which makes it a total knockout.

70s Groovy Chick Costume
Here’s a really groovy black and white shift dress that will look very sexy with a white pair of go go boots.

We’re very much into the 70s and have been promoting them for years on our sister site but have always been frustrated at the lack of 70s related stuff out there to buy. So we’ve finally got together and built this store for all you 70s lovers like us.

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