To Theme or not to Theme: a Guide to Five Different Home Bar Themes

Once you have decided to create a home bar, you have to think about the details.  Will you have track lighting?  Is there going to be a draft machine?  Will your bar stools swivel?  These all-important questions can be overwhelming.  Having a bar theme can help make the task of designing a lot easier.  Take a look at some of my favorite bar themes and some tips on how to make your themed bar truly authentic.

Irish Pub—One of the most popular bar themes is the Irish Pub.  Rich in history and Irish roots, a pub should have the look of a rustic, rugged drinking spot tucked into the corner of some quaint little Irish town.  The lighting is often dim and the main theme of décor is dark, shiny woods.  A heavy polished bar with brass railings should be the central item in your Irish bar and some rustic, worn in swivel top bar stools made from heavy quality wood should invite guests in for a pint.  Complete you Irish Pub with some great native brews on tap and maybe a space reserved for pool or darts.  The Irish Pub look is an easy one to achieve and a fun one to enjoy.

Tiki Lounge—Often the sought-after look for an outdoor bar, the Tiki Lounge bar is also a popular choice for home bars.  To achieve the Tiki look, a grass skirt bar is a must-have as are bamboo bar stools and a thatched roof hut.  Adding small touches like stringed lights, paper lanterns and drink umbrellas make your Tiki bar all the more authentic.  Invite guests to your Tiki Lounge either poolside or in a basement area and be sure to remember the colorful island tunes.  With a slushy ice machine and the mixed drinks flowing, you will be in paradise in no time.

Retro Swing Spot—Offer guests a throw back entertainment spot with a retro styled bar.  A high gloss bar surface with funky retro lines and shiny red stripes will remind guests of days gone by.  Complete the bar’s look with amazing vinyl seated swivel bar stools in chrome finish and you’ve got a look right out of Grease!  Accent your retro lounge with some vintage Coca Cola posters, a funky juke box and a retro soda machine and you’ve got a truly groovy set up.  Stock your bar with sodas and floats and offer martinis in retro styles glasses for the finishing touches to your new retro hang out.

Sports Bar—For the manly man, a sports bar in the home can be a dream come true.  To outfit your sports bar in high fashion, a bar top in the colors of your favorite team would match perfectly with your framed memorabilia hanging on the walls.  Provide armed bar stools and perhaps a secondary seating area with cushy chairs to watch the game in.  Don’t forget the beautiful flat-screen TV mounted in the corner to provide the entertainment.  Decorate with a neon sign or your favorite player’s jersey and give your bar an authentic team feel.  Finally, make sure the drinks are flowing from your mini keg refrigerator and be sure to have plenty of peanuts and pretzels available for when the guys come over for the game. 

Whatever the bar style you decide to go with, one thing is true: your bar should be a reflection of you and your family and friends.  Keep special favorites on hand to show your guests that you truly care about their entertainment.  Most of all enjoy setting up your home bar and giving it the special touches that will truly make it your own.

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