Top Secret Weapons spy Agent during the Cold War

If you’ve ever read about a spy novel,  especially of the Cold War era, no doubt that you have found a number of weapons in the novel miniature camouflage. However,  you may be surprised when they found out that these weapons not only exist in fiction.The weapons were made in reality as well.Whether they are actually used or not, please guess yourself. Look at the picture below to see for themselves some greatd weapons in miniature scale. timepiece

There is a clocks, keys, pens, lighters and finger rings which can be deadly gun. Many things seem normal and harmless, but which can be fatal in the hands of hired killers who displayed here. You would never guess that it was not as visible, and objects that can take you into the poor level of awareness.  But, however great is the function and design of these objects, it is important to remember that this is all just a weapon. key cold Warcold-war-weapon.jpg

Camera Recorder CIA, KGB, British intelligence have variations each. that it belongs under the CIA, the 1950′s. recorded camera weaponvintage-spy-agent-for-cold-war.jpg

Vintage Covert Surveillance StealthCam In Radio 1970′s

Complete Minox Espionage Kit,Wetzler, 1951.

Micro Minifon Clandestine Spy Wire Recorder with Wristwatch Microphone, 1952.

Abraham Zapruder 8MM JFK Assassination Camera And Film, 1963

Minute 16 Mini Spy Camera from Universal Camera Corporation, 1950′s

Tica Expo Watch Camera, 1890′s -1920′s

Cool it gan?
If not cool it’s not a secret weapon
I recall the same bullets with poison, so let a small bullet but still deadly.

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