York is Home to Monks Cross

Yorkshire is a historic county in the north of great britain & it’s the biggest county in great britain. in fact, the massive county covered around 6,000 sq. miles in 1831 & these days, its got a population of near 5 million.

Yorkshire is generally regarded as the greenest area in great britain thanks to the historic amount rural countryside in the Yorkshire Dales & the North Yorkshire Moors. These gorgeous places have led to Yorkshire being given the nickname God’s Own County.

Yorkshire boasts a rich history, which goes back to before roman times. Indeed, the first people who lived in the county were the Celts, who originated from two different tribes, the Brigantes & the Parisii.

Inspite of the cost, Yorkshire owes a lot of its growth to the industrial revolution, which happened during the 19th century. The county boasted a thriving coal, textile & steel industry around this time, which boosted its population & made it much more wealthy.

During the second world war, Yorkshire became a key base for raf Bomber aeroplanes.

Because Yorkshire is such a massive place, there are lots of activities to do. Indeed, you will find that the county has plenty of museums and art galleries to offer.

In Batley, you could visit the Yorkshire Motor Museum. This fun museum has aged over 40 vintage, retro and classic cars, which are fantastic to look at. on the other hand, you could visit the york’s yorkshire air museum. This amazing museum has a fantastic collection of substantial aircraft for visitors to enjoy.

Because Yorkshire is a enormous county with plenty towns & cities, it has many shops. inspite of the cost, hardcore shoppers might rather head out to the larger cities such as Leeds, York & Sheffield to get access to the largest brands & the widest selection of stores.

York is home to Monks Cross, an out of town shopping centre that is home to plenty famous brands. Some of the stores that you can expect to see in this fantastic shopping centre are Topshop, Monsoon, makeover & Evans.

Yorkshire is such a enormous place that it boasts everything you need for any type of night out. The tinier towns have some exciting pubs, but party animals should go to the cities for instance Leeds, York & Sheffield for brilliant clubs & exclusive wine bars.

Sheffield & leeds have some exciting night clubs, which means that you will be able to spend a exciting night there. as well as this, these cities also boast sometimes exciting live music venues, which means that you can go to watch a touring act or even a local band.

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