If you’re one of those people who take diving seriously, then you definitely need to have a dive watch!
The best dive watches are those that are made specifically with the needs of divers in mind.
The first and foremost criteria that anyone would be looking at is definitely the maximum depth that the watch is designed and tested for.
Does it always mean that the greater the number, the better it is?
As you can see, a watch that is specified as 50m water-resistant is definitely better than one that is specified as 30m.The same is true for 100m and 200m. But 1000m?2000m?Ask yourself what is your maximum dive record.Unless you are going for professional diving, anything that is more than 50m works just as well as far as depth requirement is concerned.
Secondly ,most people tend to focus only on the maximum brightness. However, it is equally important to ask how long such brightness can last before the illumination is lost. You don’t want the illumination to go off before you’re done with your dive.